According to IQ Formulations CEO Jay Cohen, success at IQ Formulations is something that requires both the right skill set and the right mindset.

When Jay Cohen, IQ Formulations CEO, decides to hire a new member of the team it’s a rigorous process.  Given that IQ Formulations is a health and nutrition-oriented company, the company looks through its applicants for men and women who have relevant background and knowledge.

The skill set of the person is important, according to IQ chief executive Jay Cohen.  But the mind set is essential.  The right mindset means that the person is interested in learning, devoted to serving IQ Formulations customers, and never happy with doing just enough to get the job done.  IQ Formulations is about pushing harder and striving further.

IQ Formulations has built its team upon a commitment to excellence and customer service.  The company is looking for employees who are passionate about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle and have gained relevant work experience in other roles.

The rapid growth of IQ Formulations and its reputation for excellence are due in no small part to the team that CEO Jay Cohen has assembled.  In the coming year, IQ Formulations is looking to continue its growth and expansion.

If you are interested in joining the team, then please visit the careers page of the IQ Formulations website.