Top health supplement company IQ Formulations today issued a press release praising retailer GNC for its stated commitment to further improve upon its testing and quality control processes.

IQ Formulations is deeply committed to leading by example to help raise the standards in the nutritional and fitness supplement industry.

Below is today’s press release:

IQ Formulations Applauds GNC for Enhancing Its Testing and Quality Control Processes for Herbal Supplements

Sunrise, FL (PRWEB) April 01, 2015

IQ Formulations, one of the most highly regarded and fastest growing health and nutritional supplement companies in the U.S., today is commending GNC for taking steps to boost and expand the testing and quality control standards for its herbal supplements.* GNC vowed that its new processes will look deeper into the supply chain to ensure the accuracy of labeling on its products.

In response to this week’s news, industry veteran andIQ Formulations CEO Jay Cohen said:

“In a lightly-regulated industry where companies often take the ‘get rich quick’ view with little thought to the repercussions, it is truly a breath of fresh air to see GNC taking proactive steps to implement enhanced testing procedures that protect consumers. At IQ Formulations, we also believe in investing the time and the money to do things the right way in order to provide top-quality products that improve people’s quality of life. Doing so not only benefits our customers and our company, but elevates the industry as a whole.”

IQ Formulations works with some of the top distributors and retailers in the nation, and has quickly become an industry leader known for its uncompromising commitment to professional facilities, superior products and excellent customer service. Using only top-quality ingredients and highly calibrated formulations built for success, IQ Formulations rigorously tests all of its supplements to ensure unbeatable products that deliver maximum results for consumers.

The company is committed to raising the bar for nutritional and health supplements—leading by example, setting new standards, and demanding better of the industry overall. IQ Formulations also aims to elevate standards for ethics and professionalism within the nutritional supplement industry and has a deep dedication to giving back through various community and charitable initiatives.

Last year, IQ Formulations was named to Inc. Magazine’s 500 fastest growing companies in the country after demonstrating an incredible 5,486 percent growth since 2010.

About IQ Formulations

IQ Formulations is one of the most highly regarded and quickly growing health and nutritional supplement companies in the U.S. Founded by industry veteran Jay Cohen and headquartered in Sunrise, Florida, IQ Formulations has become an industry leader known for its uncompromising commitment to professional facilities, top-quality products with amazing results, and superior customer service.

*GNC boosts quality control of herbal supplements, 3/30/15,