We would like to alert job seekers of a fake recruitment scam using IQ Formulations name, address, and other company details without permission.

According to reports we’ve received, scammers are identifying those seeking work on online job boards and reaching out to them, falsely claiming to work for IQ Formulations and offering employment positions that do not exist. The scammers have reportedly reached out to people under various names and non-company email addresses, and go on to mail them fake offer letters and counterfeit checks.

If you are contacted by someone from an email address on a free, web-based service (such as Gmail) rather than an IQ Formulations email address, and they claim to be offering you a job with our company, please be advised that these are not legitimate IQ Formulations’ representatives or positions. For your own security and wellbeing, please do not provide them with any information.

We apologize for any inconvenience as we sort through this unfortunate issue.